I’m for real just waiting for Lights to add Florida to her tour. 


did Lights actually change her last name legally or did people kinda just assume??

I remember her saying something in an interview or maybe twitter a while back that she hasn’t changed her last name yet. She might have at this point. Not entirely sure. This probably didn’t help. haha. 


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Lights, Up We Go !

Acrylic on A2 synthetic canvas.

Hey, guys! Go check out my friend Colin’s blog. He’s a lovely artist, and he’s done a few paintings of Lights!


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I want to listen to the album leak so bad, but I’m not going to. 


11. #LittleMachines

I’m just tryna keep income coming in.

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when ur crush says they listen to lights 


this was an extremely emotional day for me.
her output is consistently beautiful, and all i can tell you is that her albums are more like sisters than rivals. it was super nice to be able to hear it first, but i am more excited for the world to have it!

check out what i had to say about little machines!

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